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Our Team

Our team are energetic, sociable, independent strong-minded high-qualitative specialists who are ready to render all-round technical, commercial and legal support in cooperation with Russian and CIS enterprises (in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Ukraine, Belorussia, Turkmenistan and the Baltic states). Our years long success at Russian industrial plants is totally due to high professional skills of our close-knit team, their wide engineering and commercial experience, organizational abilities, competence, persistence and tenacity.

Our staff is our human wealth, priority value and core asset of our Company.

Intech GmbH Ltd Moscow values the workers’ leadership skills and regularly encourages employees who strive to increase their professional and personal skills offering them multiple opportunities to develop. To qualify for the latest requirements and challenges of the market our Company organizes on-going staff training and advanced professional training to ensure a level of competency so that our customers and partners benefited from qualitative timely and unique solutions.

Intech GmbH Ltd Moscow has the following divisions:

  • Management Department
  • Finance Department
  • Commercial Department
  • Engineering and Project Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Services Department
  • Translation Services Department
  • Foreign Economic Relations Department
  • Logistics Department
  • Innovation Design Development
  • IT Department

The work of the Company proceeds in the stages such as:

  1. Search for new business partners who are interested in Russian and CIS markets and who are looking for official distributors to deliver their products to industrial enterprises in the RF and CIS (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Ukraine, Belorussia, Turkmenistan and the Baltic states). These are manufacturers wishing to expand their activity area and to move to a new international level. As a distributor of your products in Russia we will assist you in solving the following issues:
    • The Company's specialists will carry out market studies for the products you wish to offer to plants in Russia, gauging the capacity, potential and the level of growth of such markets. We shall also provide our analysis of the situation related to the equipment which you are offering
    • The personnel of Intech GmbH Ltd, Moscow, will identify possible consumers for your products and establish better which product will be of most interest to those prospective customers. We shall look for ways of expanding the number of such customers and assess the likely future of your type of product
    • Intech GmbH Ltd, Moscow, will analyze the correspondence between your products and your customers' requirements, study the market reaction to any new product and study the types of buyer, in order to identify the largest and most promising amongst them.
    • Our engineering company will help you to gain solid positions for your products in the appropriate industries of Russia and the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Ukraine, Belorussia, Turkmenistan, the Baltic states) and will also help you to adapt your products to the customers' requirements and to coordinate the sales of your products to your buyers
    • Intech GmbH Ltd, Moscow, if required, can certify separate batches of a manufacturer's equipment or organize the certification of production in the USA for some types of products or productions as a whole under the standards of Russia or other CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Ukraine, Belorussia, Turkmenistan, the Baltic states). We can help with the issue of certificates of correspondence GOST R and the certificates of the Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision
    • Intech GmbH Ltd, Moscow, will carry out intensive promotion of your products in Russian or in the language of the country where business development is planned. For more detailed information see the Section «Opportunities and Advantages» of the Company
  2. Communications with existing industrial enterprises. Our Company's personnel regularly communicate with and meet our customers to present the latest achievements of our partner-manufacturers, identify any technical problems, and stay in permanent touch with all the services of our customers. Therefore, we not only understand the specifics of operations in the Russian Federation but also have a good knowledge of the equipment currently installed at plants and their latest upgrade requirements, together with the wishes and other interests of our customers. During this phase, we collect technical documentation, complete a variety of questionnaires, collect initial data and also study each customer's requirements in depth.
  3. We can then offer our customer an optimal solution to any problem: a quick search for an engineering solution, suggest the most efficient equipment taking account of energy saving technologies, or equipment meeting the latest API, ISO and DIN world standards. This process may also include both basic and detailed engineering and feasibility studies for the solution chosen by us, carrying out various technical assessments, and holding technical and commercial negotiations with the Company's customers
  4. We can arrange delivery of equipment, to a customer's choice of DAP/DDP location. We can supervise the installation of delivered equipment and its further commissioning. Our engineering company has its own certified specialists who are able to ensure further guarantee and post-guarantee services, and who can provide the customer’s personnel with necessary training and consultations.