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Implemented projects

The engineering company «INTECH GmbH» Ltd, Moscow, Russia, has successfully implemented over 100 large projects in the following CIS countries: Republics of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states.

The largest implemented projects over the last 5 years are as follows:


Customer Completed Works
«Lukoil-Nizherogodnefteorgsintez» JSC, Kstovo «Supply of main centrifugal pump assemblies for the bottom products of the main column of catalytic cracking complex»
«Lukoil Ukhtaneftepererabotka» Ltd, Ukhta «Design of industrial waste water treatment facilities»
«Reconstruction of reformer hydrotreating section heater»
«Multi-stage supercharger design and supply as a part of air station upgrade»
«Delivery of pumps for viscosity breaking plants and isomerization block»
«Lukoil-Permneftesintez» Ltd, Perm «Complex supply of pumps for isomerization plant and replacement of gas furnace electric heaters for deep oil refinery complex»
«JSC Astrakhan Gazprom», Astrakhan «Supply of technological equipment complex»
«JSC Orenburg Gazprom», Astrakhan «Supply of technological equipment complex»
«Stavrolen Lukoil Neftekhim», Tomsk «Supply of screw compressor plants and design of a complex propane pumping plant»
«Tobolsk Neftekhim» Ltd, Tobolsk «Supply of high efficiency barrel pumps for pumping broad fraction of light hydrocarbons»
«Supply of automated isobutane control gas analysis systems»
«Start-up of two pumping stations for pumping of main product C2-C6»
«Sibmetakhim» Ltd, Tomsk «Development, design and supply of high pressure vapor superheater»
«Siburtyumengaz»JSC, Nizhnevartosvk «Supply of equipment complex for pipeline hot tapping»
«Vankorneft» JSC, Krasnoyarsk «Design, supply and installation supervision of two pump systems for propane butylene fraction injection for maintenance of formation pressure of 329 bar, 57m³/h»
«Supply of Sundyne pump assemblies for black oil and diesel fuel pumping»
«Strezhevskskoi NPZ» JSC, Strezhevoi «Supply of pump assemblies, spare parts and tube bundles for heat exchanging equipment»
«YUGRAgazpererabotka» Ltd, Nizhnevartosvk «Supply of pump assemblies and valves for oil absorption plant»
Tatneft, Elkhov «Supply and commissioning of hydrogen supply compression plant as a part of reformer upgrade»
«Re-equipment and upgrade of compressor station piston compressors»
«Kinef» Ltd, Kirishi «Complex supply of pump assemblies for deep refinery plant»
«TAIF-NK», Nizhnekamsk «Supply of main fresh-feed pumps to gas processing plant»
Alliance Group, Khabarovsk «Project design study and supply of complex oil desalting stations (electric dehydrators) as a part of electrical desalting plant upgrade»
«Complex supply of pump assemblies for bituminic and chemical feed plants for production upgrade»
«Minudobreniya» JSC, Rossosh «Driver steam turbine upgrade and replacement in ammonia production of TEC project»
«Grinders supply for subquality product processing plant»
«Production ammonia barrel pump supply to expand ammonia dispatching department enlargement»
«VSMPO AVISMA», Verkhnya Salda «Design of titan nitrogen-fluoric etch solution purification plant»
«Design and supply of hydro dynamic plant for cleaning of vacuum arc furnace moulds in Workshop 32»
«Project design of high pressure cleaning plant for skull furnace upper cover»
«TNK BP-RNPK», Ryazan «Supply of thermal equipment for reactors of vacuum gas oil complex in the frame of ABB Lummus project»
«Design and supply of liquid waste burning plant for sulfuric acid production complete with burner device and reinforcing station»
«Tomskmetanol» JSC, Tomsk «Replacement of pyrolysis oven heat-resistant insulation»
«Metafraks» JSC, Gubakha «Supply of main equipment and auxiliaries for methanol production in the project of «Methanol Casale» production upgrade»
«Tomskneftekhim» JSC, Tomsk «Replacement of flameless burners for monomer production furnaces»
«Plastic» JSC, Uzlovaya «Supply of burners with low NOx emission at furnaces»
«Kaustik» JSC, Sterlitomak «Supply and commissioning of ATUMAT high pressure unit, type WOMA 700Z with diesel engine (pressure up to 2,500 bar)»
«Severstal» JSC, Cherepovets «Project design of waste water treatment unit for finishing plant»
«Beloretskiy Metallurgic Plant» JSC, Beloretsk «Hydraulic equipment supply for rolling mill general maintenance»
«Kashirskiy Coated Steel Plant» JSC, Kashira «Engineering and supply of submersible equipment for hot-dip galvanizing plant»
«Novolipetskiy Metallurgic Plant» JSC, Lipetsk «Engineering and supply of submersible equipment for hot-dip galvanizing plant for cold-rolled milling shop»
«Metallurgic Plant», Elektrostal «Hydraulic equipment supply for radial forging line»
«Oskolskiy Eletric Metallurgic Plant», Stari Oskol «Supply and commissioning of ATUMAT three plunger pump assembly, Type WOMA 250 ARP»
NTMK, Nizhni Tagil «Design, supply and commissioning of tundish preheating station»
«Design of gantry robot usage project for wheel-bandage production»


Customers Completed Works
«Uzmetkombinat» APO, Bekabad «Design and implementation of reconstruction project of reheating furnace with walking beams No. 2 of Mill 300, Workshop 2 for reduction of gas consumption by 40%, increase of rated output and scaling reduction»
«Fregana Azot» JSC, Fergana «Supply and phase-by-phase replacement of chlorate chambers in defoliant production»
«Repair of secondary reformer lining, upgrade of pump fleet for ammonia production»
«Bukharskiy NPZ» UDP, Bukhara «Service repair, installation, and commissioning of pump and compressor fleet»
«Maksam Chirchik» JSC, Chirchik «Carbamide production plant upgrade, installation, commissioning, and replacement of entire piston pump fleet with Sundyne high speed single stage pumps, control and regulation system change in Carbamide shop»
«Reforming furnace supply and repair including full replacement of reforming pipes and lining»
«Design, engineering and replacement of vertical heat exchanger (Item 603) with horizontal heat-exchanging system in ammonia production»


Customer Completed Works
«JV KazGerMunai» Ltd, Kyzylorda «Turn-key supply of block-type formation-pressure maintenance pump system»
«Kaspiy neft» JSC «Turn-key supply of block-type formation-pressure maintenance pump system»
«Atyrau NPZ», Atyrau «Supply of list of equipment for up-to-date raw and final product quality evaluation laboratory»
«Pump supply»
«Petro Kazakhstan Oil Products», Chimkent «Design of complex oil sludge treatment and processing stations used at sludge storage during tank and water surfaces cleaning»
Mine «Yuzhniy Inkai» «JV Betpak Dala» Ltd «Design, supply and commissioning of rotary calciners for uranium peroxide drying and calcination (UO4.2H2O) (300 kg/h, humidity level 30%)»


Customer Completed Works
Poltavksiy GOK, Komsomolsk «Modernization of slurry facilities: wedge-gate and knife valve supply (DN 1000) complete with hydraulic drives and hydraulic accumulators»
«Nikolaevskiy Alumina Plant», Nikolaev «Design, engineering and replacement of calciner lining»
«NAFTAN» JSC, Novopolotsk «Design, engineering and replacement of reformer lining»
«Supply of inert ceramic balls (nozzles) for chemical devices»
«GrondoAzot», Grodno «Upgrade and replacement of driver steam turbine fleet in ammonia production of heat power plant project»
«Azot» Cherkassy «Participation in caprolactam production reconstruction and extension project including pump supply for very corrosive media»
«Upgrade and replacement of automatic recirculation valves»
Odesskiy Priportovoi Plant, Yuzhnoye «Catalyst Replacement for ammonia production»
«VENT Bunker», Latvia «Design of diesel fuel coloration station»
OAB «NAPC», Lithuania «Design of waste oil cracking plant»