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Corporate Policy
LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ", Moscow, Russia

Our engineering company LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ", Moscow, Russia, constantly acts according to the following legal aspects and principles of collaboration with the partners and clients:

  • The shareholders of the Company and the management strictly control the fact that the Company activities in general and the staff in particular fully corresponds the legal rules and regulations both of the Russian Federation Laws and generally accepted principles and decisions of the global community. Business fundamentals of our engineering company is based on precise compliance with laws, standards, regulations, staying away from any illegal actions, regular duly tax payment, rejection of unfair competition, excluding abusive practice, observing the intellectual property rights and trademarks usage , as well as fair advertising practice etc. Our company does not participate in deals settled as a result of suspicious actions.
  • LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ", Moscow, Russia  immediately informs the appropriate authorities about any display of unfair business. The Russian company LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ" fights aggressively against any display of in-house corruption and supports all efforts of the Russian Federation and the global community in struggle with bribery, racketing and tax evasion.
  • We do not offer, either directly or indirectly, any valuable things or additional compensation to public officers & their representatives, political party functionaries & candidates for public office or any officials acting on behalf of international social agencies, with the aim to entice the above mentioned individuals to benefit from their authority through assisting our Company in business improvement or getting any unfair advantage. We use no illegal means of supporting business or an individual, and never go against the Regulations of the US Foreign corrupt practices act (FCPA) of 1977, as amended, which prohibits the US citizens and institutions to offer bribes foreign government officials.
  • Being a private company during the whole period of its existence, LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ", Moscow, Russia, has neither employees which have worked previously in public services or have been somehow involved in them, nor business relations with such individuals & their relatives. The Russian company LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ" observes the requirement not to hire former public officers or their immediate family members who may, directly or indirectly, support business development of the Company, under no consideration.
  • We neither effect ourselves, nor authorize our affiliated persons or staff members to effect any illegal payments in the course of our operational activity for the purpose of bribery, corruption and payoff or commission payments. We do not perform any other illegal or unlawful activities when purchase and sell the goods. LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ" constantly holds precise and correct accounting records containing information about the payment transactions, effected as a result of the Company operational activity. We investigate current legislation of the countries where LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ" partners perform their business activities to bring our corporate policy into compliance.
  • Russian private company LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ", Moscow, Russia, is an absolutely transparent and open company ready to disclose its tax information. The Company guarantees exceptional fair-dealing and transparency of any deal fulfilled. The company supplies equipment & components to end users only. In most cases we hold an international contract. Our company unassisted makes payments within the frames of international contracts as well as goes through customs clearance including the obtaining of declaration which affirms that all the necessary taxes have been paid. Financial department of LCC "INTECH GmbH"/ ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ", Moscow strictly controls the regularity of tax payment according to the Laws of the Russian Federation and owes no tax debts or bad debts.
  • We explain international rules and regulations to our customers on the question of how to manage their business without being a part of shadow economics and corruption as indicated in the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) dated 1977 (as amended), devoted to fighting the corruption abroad. The document forbids the USA citizens as well as organizations to offer additional compensations to foreign state officials. We follow up the process of understanding the corporate policy of LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ" by our partners and their affiliated persons, answer the arising questions in the course of studying the related information and control that their activities fully comply with it.
  • We oblige to inform the customer management about any signs of unfair play on behalf of its executors. The appropriate notification is supposed to be made in oral or in written form by means of communication channels; in case of non-working days, the notification should be provided to the management by the end of the first working day.
  • We ask customer partners and manufacturers, in case of suspicion on incompliance to the Regulations of US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), to arrange audit of documents of the customer partners or their affiliated persons, which are associated directly to the company’s business activities. Study and audit of the documentation is supposed to be fair and fulfilled in the appropriate place and time. The partner possesses the right, at his sole discretion, to authorize a third party for carrying out documentation study and audit aiming at determining the existence of violations.
  • In case LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ", Moscow, Russia, determines the violation of US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by enterprises, customers or manufactures and their affiliated persons, we break all agreements and contracts with them as soon as we receive the appropriate notification. In this case, LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГбмХ" bears no responsibility and has the right to claim the refund of any expenses, loss and damage incurred by the company due to the cancellation. In this case, cancellation of agreements is supposed to be done by sending a written notification to defaulting party.
  • We disclose information on our business activities, agreements and contracts with the partners, including terms of payment, solely to affiliated persons of the company and its employees, as well as to the partner’s employees and other persons who may need this information, according to laws or regulatory legal acts which function in the country of business location, or upon demand of public authorities.
  • We oblige ourselves not to disclose confidential information provided by the partners in the business process. When sending confidential information, the partners should indicate the fact of its confidentiality and it should be confirmed in written by both parties.

The terms used:

"Affiliated person" indicates an owner (including a participant, a shareholder or another private or legal person who has direct or indirect financial interest), executive manager, director, partner, principal, employee, agent or any other private or legal person who, either directly or indirectly, manages the enterprise, and is under the enterprise control at the same time, or together with the enterprise controls a third person.

"Additional compensation" indicates payment, payment proposal, acceptance of payment proposal, payment promise or transfer of money, paid directly or indirectly (through one or more intermediates) to the public officer or passing valuables for underestimated price aiming at getting their assistance or speeding up their regular duties performance.

"Public officer" indicates an employee or an officer of the government, ministry, agency, public authority or international social agencies, political party, candidates for political service or other persons, acting officially on behalf of or in the name of the government, ministry, agency, public authority or international social agencies or political parties.

"Illegal payment transactions" indicates payment, payment proposal, acceptance of payment proposal, payment promise or payment transfer of money, paid directly or indirectly (through one or several intermediate parties) to the public officer or passing valuables to the public officer aiming at using his influence on decision making process or getting protection from his side, government or political parties in case of the purchase or retention of an enterprise in the interest of a definite person or passing it to this person; to other private or legal persons in case this violates any applicable laws of the country on the territory of which such transactions are carried out, or the company policy, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

"Confidential information" indicates personal data as well as data on subjects, facts, events, phenomena, processes regardless of its presentation form, that represent banking, trade or business secret or any other confidential information protected according to the Russian Federation Laws, as well as regulatory acts and documents on protection of confidential information of the Parties.