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Opportunities and Advantages provided by Inteсh GmbH

The opportunities and competitive advantages provided by working with Intech GmbH Ltd, Moscow, Russia, result from many factors, such as:

  • The Company has been in the engineering services market since 1997 and has gained enormous engineering experience, an enviable reputation and brand-recognition in the engineering services market. During this period it has also implemented a great number of successful projects at large Russian industrial enterprises
  • The Company has demonstrated flexibility and skills in its activity within all districts of Russia and in its organization of sales in these regions, paying particular regard to specific regional requirements
  • Intech GmbH Ltd, Moscow, always strives to deliver equipment of the highest quality, to provide the industrial enterprises of Russia with innovative reliable equipment as well as to use an individual approach to the cost of engineering services for every customer. In the constantly expanding market of innovative equipment, few engineering companies are able to offer their customers such a complete set of services, covering the application and maintenance of this type of equipment. Moreover, the cutting-edge equipment supplied by our Company enables our customers to control / reduce their energy consumption, which results in economic benefits
  • The Company is well aware of the latest developments by leading manufacturers of industrial equipment and has established stable partnership with many of them, acting as their official distributor in Russia
  • Intech GmbH Ltd, Moscow, will ensure the receipt of all required certificates, including GOST R certificates of compliance and certificates of the Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision (Rostekhnadzor)
  • Our Company is always happy to cooperate with the manufacturers who consider the Raussian market to be investment-attractive; Intech GmbH Ltd is also eager to become an official distributor for such manufacturers. The Company's highly skilled personnel will carry out the necessary marketing research: analyze the market situation in a specific industry, track further dynamics in the market and estimate the consumer demand and the development trends of the industry as a whole. Our Company's managers have an excellent understanding of the Russian market, and the laws applying to it. They also have an extensive customer base and react quickly to changes in market demand; they have an enviable record of sales in Russia, established communications and contacts with prospective buyers of your products - all this allows them to efficiently sell your products and to ensure their quick introduction to the new market as well as to expand and optimize your business in the Russian market.
  • Once we become an official distributor, our Company will find the customers for your products in the market, hold technical and commercial negotiations regarding supply of your equipment and conclude the contracts. If a tender is required, our Company will prepare all the necessary documentation to participate in such tenders, conclude all the required equipment-delivery contracts with Customs and with the banks that provide payments, as well as with the expert and consulting organizations. The Company has its own logistics department that is able to provide any required packaging, loading and transportation of your products on the basis of DAP or DDP-customer stock. It will also observe all the legal norms and requirements that are requested for commercial work on the market, as well as organize after-sales maintenance and services for your products
  • The Company has many customers all over Russia that have been using both our own technical development and maintenance departments for a long time already
  • We constantly take part in various exhibitions; organize joint conferences in the sphere of adoption of new technologies together with global manufacturers of high quality products. These activities help us to gain priceless experience which is invaluable in meeting the challenges that are set up by our customers