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Corporate Values and Principles

Intech GmbH Ltd, Moscow is a Russian engineering company guided by the Code of Conduct (based on the Caux Round Table Principles for Business, 1994) in its commercial business and which adheres to the below principles of cooperation with its customers and partners:

  • The Company’s entrepreneurial business should be conducted with the observance of the norms and rules of state regulations, i.e. laws, decrees, standards, tax payment; avoidance of illegal acts and unfair business activities; no abusive practice, respect for international and domestic legal norms, observance of the intellectual property rights as well as of the norms and rules for the use of trademarks, advertisement, etc. The Company should not participate in bribery, money laundering and other unlawful acts or accept them, as well as take part in deals made through unfair manipulations
  • Justice, honesty and openness are the key success factors of cooperation and are always the focus of our engineering company. It’s not only the end result we care about, but the ways of achieving it
  • The Company's long-term goals and quality of provided engineering services take undisputed priority over short-term benefits. Our relations with customers are established through long-term mutual trust, respect, loyalty, and support for their further development
  • Constant work on improving the services offered to our customers and development of the essential products and services. As a successful company we always aim to improve by tracking major trends in the market and providing engineering solutions in compliance with the latest market demands
  • The quality of engineering services offered by the Company and the reliability of delivered equipment are our primary objectives, as we believe that quality is one of the most important factors in a competitive market
  • We should develop innovative concepts, provide versatile individual approach to our customers, experiment with new and challenging ideas, meet the deadlines and carry on business in the modern context
  • Accuracy in customer relations, building on high ethical norms, respect for promises, maintenance of various trade relations, provision of high-end engineering services and meeting all commitments are the key success factors for our Company!